Illinois-Indiana Ride, September-October, 2007


This is a journal written two months after the fact but I want to record things as best I can.


On Friday, September 28, 2007 I began cycling from Coal Valley, Illinois after Cheryl dropped me off. We had spent the previous night at Rays house in Bettendorf. On Thursday Cheryl had me help with some projects there and one project was the installation of the new front door.


We were planning to vacation a bit with Jerry and Dorothy in Tennessee and Virginia. I was going to ride about half way there and have Cheryl pick me up on the afternoon of October 3 somewhere in Kentucky.


Cheryl boosted me across the river to shorten my ride a bit so I could make it into Canton, Illinois safely on Friday afternoon. It was a pretty pleasant ride to Canton. I rode Highway 150 for about 20 miles but when traffic got busier and the shoulder disappeared I took to various side roads working my way down to Knoxville. From there I took some quiet highways down into Canton getting to the Super 8 at about 3:30 P.M. after 86 miles of cycling. It was windy from the west, sunny and warmer than anticipated.


On Saturday I did a pretty hard ride from Canton to a Baymont Inn south of Springfield. It was about 80 miles. I rode all day into a hard 20 mph south wind. It was sunny and hot with temperatures getting up into the low 90s. I was wearing my heavy lime green jersey and long tights. The whole trip was much warmer than predicted with hard southerly winds. I rode through Petersburg and through the heart of Springfield. A huge car show was taking place in downtown Springfield with a good portion of the downtown blocked off from traffic. It was a hard day.


On Sunday I rode to Effingham and took a room at the Super 8 on the NW corner of town. It too was an especially hard day of about 95 miles with some wrong turns and detours to make things tough. It was very hot again.


Though the original plan was to continue down into Kentucky I changed my mind on Sunday night and decided to head east into Indiana to get away from the hard southerly winds and higher temperatures.


I rode 70 miles up to Terre Haute, Indiana on Monday using Highway 40 for the most part.


On Tuesday I rode 75 miles northeast to Crawfordsville, Indiana and lodged a low end Super 8.


Then on Wednesday I rode 62 miles west back to Illinois going through the heart of Danville and further west where Cheryl picked me up as we headed down into southern Kentucky.